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d.j.'s from out of bounds is equipped with an ever-evolving line up of great effect lighting. We are always adding new lights to our arsenal. What you see here is a sample of some of the effect pieces that we can add to any event.

The effect lighting used by d.j.'s from out of bounds is professional quality equipment. Nothing you will find at Radio Shack. Each piece is different, but they all put out a various array of flat and round beams of multi-colored light that bounce, rotate, strobe, and blink to the music.

The Package I is a great base light package for any event. It adds a lot of atmosphere without going overboard.

The Package II comes standard with 3 to 4 pieces of effect lighting. A mirror ball, strobes, fog machine, etc are always available as an addition to any event. Larger events can add multiple fog machines and more effect lighting or intelligent lighting to intensify the atmosphere.

No event it too large or too small. d.j.'s from out of bounds can handle your sound and lighting needs no matter how large or small the event. Give us a call today to customize the sound and light show for your event.

d.j.'s from out of bounds offers an advanced intelligent lighting show that can take a typical event to the next level. Make your event high-tech by adding an intelligent light show. You've seen this intelligent lighting at concerts and nightclubs, televised award shows, and other spectacular places. Now you can have the same effect at your next event! Ask us how.

Package II can include 2 25W strobe lights. The strobes are just powerful enough to create a great effect ( they are not blinding or overwhelming). This can give your event a real party atmosphere.

The Sparkle is another great effect piece. It produces a rotating mirror ball effect with about 20 beams of light. Adding a colored gel can create the exact effect. SoundPro features a Sparkle as part of the truss package.







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