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 “Discover How To Make Your Child’s Birthday One of the Happiest & Most Memorable Days of Their Life ”

Birthday Magic Show is Amazing Tim's most popular magic show.

The birthday child not only will be the star of the show, but also receive some birthday gifts from the magician. Your child will have an unforgettable experience and it will be his/her best birthday ever!

All the children can participate actively too in the magic show, even the adults will enjoy themselves. Imagine all the guests thanking you for putting together such a wonderful party!

Our customers usually like to include Amazing Tim's amazing balloon sculpturing as giveaways so every child will go home happy with a unique and personalized souvenir.

Children Laughing
 Dear Parent,

Imagine a birthday party so filled with laughter and joy that your child remembers it forever. Impossible..?

Your child is the star in an 'Individually Personalized' entertainment package that features:

  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Amazing Magic
  • Audience Participation
  • Free Gifts for all the Kids

Discover how easy it is to throw a party that will create wonderful memories that'll last a lifetime. Don’t risk disappointing you or your child.

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